Buy vs. Lease


Getting into the Toyota that’s right for you is more than just finding the vehicle that best suits your needs. You need to find a plan that matches your lifestyle as well. That’s why at Performance Toyota, we make sure our experts are ready to help you figure out whether leasing or buying is better for you, so come on down!

Perks of Leasing

Right off the bat, leasing results in lower monthly payments. You also have the flexibility to switch to another vehicle when your lease term is up. Trying out several vehicles gives you the opportunity to find which one suits your needs over a longer period of time without having to commit to years of payments!

Couple driving 2019 Toyota Avalon

Perks of Buying

When you buy a Toyota, you’re making an investment that says you know what you want. Owning a vehicle means that you are not limited by mileage constraints like most lease programs, and that you can customize your ride however you want. Though the monthly payments can be higher, you have far more control over your vehicle and what you want to do with it.

When evaluating whether leasing or buying is best for you, you want specialists who know what they’re doing to help you. At Performance Toyota, we ensure that you’re always getting the best deal in a way that makes the most sense for you. You can buy or lease with confidence when you stop into Performance Toyota today!

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