Everything you Need to Know About the Toyota Supra Super GT Racing Concept Car

January 31st, 2019 by

Toyota Supra has a special place in the automaker’s lineup of cars. From its debut in 1978 to the last model produced in 2002, Supra was Toyota’s answer to a speedy and performance-driven sports car. Toyota is bringing back Supra and will debut another Supra concept car at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January. Here’s everything you need to know about the Supra Super GT.

Ready to Race

The Supra Super GT shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon is actually the second Supra concept car. At the Geneva Motor Show in early 2018, Toyota showed off a racing version from the Gazoo Racing arm of Toyota’s Motorsport division. But unlike that earlier concept, this one is closer to being able to hit the track. It features a large rear wing and other aerodynamic aspects to promote high-speed racing. The Supra Super GT’s racing capabilities aren’t simply theoretical, either. They’ll be put to the test in the Super GT race series in Japan.

Super GT is one of the best racing series in Japan and it’s likely that the Supra Super GT will compete in the GT300 division of the race. Expect to see the car compete in other series as well. Depending upon the build of the Supra Super GT, it may have a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline engine. Production-based race cars commonly feature similar engine types.


Expect the Supra Super GT to carry forward features from the Supra racing car shown at the Geneva Motor Show. These include features like plexiglass windows, composite front and rear bumpers, wing, diffuser, bonnet, and splitter to keep it light. It will also likely feature Brembo Brakes, BBS alloy wheels designed for high performance, and reduced ride height for speed.

Promotional images making their way around the internet hint at a lairy body kit on the outside, decorated with Toyota-Gazoo Racing graphics. The large Supra GT wing is evident in them as well.

The GT500 Class

It’s important to note here that Toyota hasn’t released any information regarding the Supra Super GT, except for the teaser image. So most of the speculation about this concept comes from the previous concept vehicle and the rules for the Super GT race cars. While the GT300 class is a likely division for the car to compete in, it could also compete in the GT500 class, replacing the Lexus LC-500-based car.

The rules for the 500 class specify that cars have a carbon fiber monocoque structure with a steel roll cage. Cars in the class feature 2.0 liter turbocharged engines mated to six-speed sequential transmissions. The minimum weight for the class also starts at just under 2,250 pounds.

What Toyota ultimately puts into the Supra Super GT concept will remain a question until the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon, which will run Jan. 11-13. Regardless of what the Supra Super GT is or is not, it will help promote the triumphant return of Supra to Toyota’s auto lineup and hopefully will bring victory to Toyota-Gazoo Racing in Japan’s Super GT race series.

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