Four Perfect Pretzel Bakeries in Near Sinking Spring

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Pretzels are the perfect snack food. Whether you like them soft or crunchy, they’re a snack you’ll enjoy any time regardless of the season. As it happens, Reading, Pennsylvania, is the pretzel capital of the world. Here are four pretzel bakeries you can’t miss the next time you’re in Reading or the Berks County area.

Tom Sturgis Pretzels

Tom Sturgis Pretzels is one of the oldest pretzel-baking families in Reading. Marriott “Tom” Sturgis brought the baking business to Reading in the 1920s as a third generation baker with roots to commercial baking dating back to 1861. The Tom Sturgis retail store is in Shillington, Pennsylvania and offers a variety of snack pretzels like chocolate covered ones, flavored cheese pretzels, and mini ones. The pretzel fun doesn’t stop in Shillington either.

If you want to see how the Sturgis family makes their pretzels, visit the Julius Sturgis Bakery in Lititz, Pennsylvania. They give tours Monday to Sunday of the bakery and sell pretzels there, including freshly baked soft pretzels. The bakery is also the same one that the Sturgis family started baking in back in 1861.

Unique Pretzels

Unique Pretzels is a Pennsylvania staple dating back to the 1920s. Located in Reading, Pennsylvania, Unique Pretzels makes three different types. One is a splits pretzel. There’s also a shell pretzel and a sprout pretzel. The splits pretzel is one that splits during the baking process so that it creates a crispy and crunchy texture. Unique Pretzel’s shells are crisp hollow pretzel shells while their sprouts pretzels have wheat flour in them, making them easy to digest. Each pretzel type comes in different flavors, including a chocolate-dipped variety.

Other Unique products include chocolate crunchies, which are chocolates made with pretzels and have dipping sauces for them.

Faller’s Pretzel Sticks

Faller’s Pretzels dates back to 1911 when Edward J. Faller founded his own pretzel bakery business in Reading, Pennsylvania. The bakery still resides at 528 Moss Street today where the original crispy pretzel sticks are still popular among customers. The company sells them through its Moss Street retail store and bakery in original, whole wheat, and no salt varieties in different sizes. To celebrate the holidays, Faller’s pairs its pretzel sticks with different dipping mustards like Champagne mustard and cranberry mustard.

Before visiting Faller’s Pretzel sticks, be sure to look at their website’s pretzel bakery tour.

Pretzel Revolution

Located in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, this last entry on the best pretzel bakeries list adds an unexpected twist to its pretzels. It stuffs them! Varieties include a soft pretzel stuffed with bacon, egg, and cheese, buffalo chicken, and even a pizza version. There’s also a pretzel dog for those who like a hot dog with different types of bread. If you want a good soft pretzel, Pretzel Revolution sells those in different flavors as well. Dipping sauces are also sold alongside these delicious soft yet salty snacks.

Pretzel-making is a long-standing tradition in Berk’s County that goes back decades. Everyone has their own unique take on how to make the best pretzel. So the next time you’re in the area, visit one of these great bakeries.

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