Four Tips for Preventing Car Damage From Potholes

September 13th, 2018 by

Potholes are the enemy of drivers everywhere. Not only do they make the road look bad, they can also do some serious damage to your car. Damage to your car’s wheels, tires, and suspension are just some of the havoc potholes will wreak. Here are four tips to prevent damage from potholes and an unexpected repair bill.

Stay Alert and Look Out for Potholes

The best way to prevent car damage from potholes is to avoid them altogether. While this isn’t always possible, consider taking a careful approach to driving. This means driving at a reasonable speed and not tailgating anyone for starters. Avoiding potholes also involves being able to clearly see them, so make sure your windshield and mirrors are clean.

When it rains, you know to exercise caution while driving through puddles. The same goes for when it’s not raining too. Puddles are very good at hiding potholes, even if they’re small. So, go slowly through them to avoid tire or wheel damage.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Vehicle maintenance is important for both safety and your car’s longevity. It also ensures you won’t damage your car because of a pothole. This includes simple things like checking your car tire inflation level. Too much air or not enough air in the tires means that they’re at a higher risk of damage if they come in contact with a pothole. The same is also true if there are bulges in the tires or the tires show a lot of wear.

Your vehicle also needs regular evaluations by a service professional. When you take your car to the dealer’s service department for your next routine appointment, ask the service professional to examine your vehicle’s suspension and steering mechanisms. These parts of your car help to soften the impact of potholes. Having them in working shape helps them be effective.

How You Drive Matters

Avoiding potholes isn’t always possible, so how should you drive over them? Attempting to speed over the pothole in hopes of avoiding it may cause damage. The best thing to do when driving over a pothole is to drive slowly and release your brakes just before you hit it. This way, your suspension absorbs the impact in the best way it possibly can. Straightening your wheel as you drive over the hole also helps. It’s another way to absorb the impact of the hole and avoid damage.

Don’t Assume Your Car Is Fine

After you hit a pothole, don’t assume your car hasn’t suffered damage. Pull over and assess it for any damage. Is the car still driving normally or is something wrong? If you feel that your car steering is pulling in one direction or another or it’s bouncier than before, chances are you’ll need repairs. Take it to your dealership and have the car looked at. They’ll have the equipment and expertise to fix any damage.

Avoiding potholes isn’t always possible. But being prepared for hitting a pothole and exercising caution driving over one helps keep damage to a minimum. If you want to make sure your car is ready for potholes or is in need of service, visit Performance Toyota’s service department for assistance today.

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