New Features Coming To 2020 Toyota Models

June 18th, 2019 by

Toyota Motor North America is looking to further improve its fleet moving forward with features like AUtomatic Engine Shut Off and Automatic Park. Both of these features will be implemented across the lineup for Model Year 2020 vehicles. These new features are yet another way to innovate and introduce new and useful functions to Toyota’s already advanced selection of vehicles.

Automatic Engine Shut Off
This feature is designed to prevent vehicles from idling too long, wasting fuel and reducing emissions. When left idling for long periods of time, 2020 Toyota vehicles will use an audible and visual warning and automatically shut off the engine. This will eventually be able to alert drivers through the smart phone App for if they are not with their vehicles. This ensures that, in the event of a remote start that the driver does not get to soon enough or forgets about, the vehicle does not run through all of its fuel or battery waiting.

Automatic Park
In our busy lives, sometimes we’re on the go and have to exit vehicles quickly. Toyota wants to help keep drivers safer, even when they forget to put their vehicle into park. This new function will automatically engage the parking brake when the driver leaves the vehicle to prevent it from rolling away.

These improvements further demonstrate Toyota’s commitment to continuously improving their vehicles to benefit drivers everyday. In addition to the existing features such as Toyota Safety Sense, Toyota vehicles are becoming even more driver focused. With every new feature, Toyota makes an even better fleet for future Toyota drivers.

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