Toyota is Committed to Environmental Sustainability Efforts

September 24th, 2019 by

Toyota is committed to making a better planet. Dawn Ng, Toyota engineering specialist, discovered an innovative solvent waste solution to improve environmental sustainability at the Toyota Cambridge Plant. Her careful observation and research on the solvent based chemical used to clean the nozzles on the robots after the application of a new paint color on the bumpers revealed that less solution could be used to be just as effective.

“We are super proud of Dawn’s accomplishments. It is so great to be able to see a group of young students who epitomize the Toyota culture of continuous improvement and are able to see very real world results,” Ryan Slute, Plastics Engineering Assistant Manager, said. “Not only does Dawn’s activities save materials, but it helps lower costs and improves our quality.”

Her findings reduced the use of solvent by 80%, saved Toyota almost $600,000 every year, and reduced the number of defective bumpers by 50%.

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