ToyotaCare Plus

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For when you need that extra peace of mind when it comes to your Toyota, remember that Performance Toyota offers ToyotaCare Plus! For a limited time, Performance Toyota is providing the opportunity to sign up for this additional service package that will keep your vehicle running like new for years to come.

Extend Your Coverage

Beyond your current ToyotaCare coverage, you can add an addition 2 years or 20,000 miles of protection with ToyotaCare Plus. In addition to keeping tack of your service history, Toyota will ensure that your vehicle stays on the road longer with expert maintenance.

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Quality Service and Major Savings

Service bills can run up a hefty sum, but with ToyotaCar Plus, you get access to valuable coupons and savings to significantly cut costs! With additional features like 24-hour roadside assistance and reminders for service milestones, Toyota is keeping an eye out for you and your vehicle!

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Peace of Mind for Less

To get this kind of coverage is usually expensive and complicated, but not at Performance Toyota! Access to this service goes for as little as $269, so you can keep your vehicle running without breaking the bank.

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