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Sell My Car Online in Reading, PA

We know everyone always says there is no better time than now when trying to get you to buy things. But what about selling? There has truly never been a time when used cars are valued so high, and now really is the best time if you're looking to sell. If you are searching for ways to "sell my car," Reading drivers should look no further than Performance Toyota. Here we're going to give you a fair price for your vehicle, and we aren't going to pressure you into buying anything. We know that everyone has different wants and needs and that you may not be interested in buying, so we make sure we only do exactly what you've asked for. We're motivated used car buyers here at Performance Toyota, so you can expect that our offer will be competitive and based completely on what your car is worth.

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Secure Selling

There are some dealers that are all talk, right? That's not Performance Toyota's way, though. Our Toyota dealership wants to make sure that everyone walks away from the deal happy. That's why we put so much effort into making sure that sellers feel safe, secure, and satisfied with the selling agreement. Some would have you believe that you can get more bang for your buck by selling to a private party, but that's just not the case. If you sell to Performance Toyota, you get the security of being on our lot, the safety of not having to worry about anything bad happening, and the ability to know that the check we give you isn't going to bounce. You're guaranteed to get your money for your vehicle when you sell to us rather than a private party.

Performance Toyota also makes selling your car convenient. When you sell to us, you don't have to worry about trying to lock down a time and place. You can come to us whenever it works for you and know that someone will get you taken care of right away. You don't have to try to track down our location either because we've been a well-established part of Reading for a while now and have a big Toyota logo on the front of our building. You can't miss us. And we won't miss you either. If you decide you want the comfort of an appointment to sell your car, we'll be sure to be there when we tell you we will. None of that being ten minutes late just to cancel the appointment nonsense from us.

Performance Toyota makes sure we are both safe and convenient for sellers, and we also make sure we are fair. You bring your vehicle in, and we'll give you a fair market price for it. We're not going to lowball you an offer just to try to make a profit. That would be a waste of your time, and we all know that time is money, so it'd be a waste of your money too. We are going to be honest and straightforward right off the bat because that's the type of dealership we are. We truly want you to walk away from selling your car feeling like you got exactly what it was worth. Not a penny less.

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What Should You Bring When Selling Your Car?

If you're planning on coming in and selling your car, there are a few things you'll need to bring with you. Making sure you have these with you will help us make the sale go as smoothly as possible.

Driver's License

You'll want to have this on your person anyways if you're driving a vehicle, but this just helps us ensure that you are who you say you are and that no one is out trying to sell your car without your permission. This will also be necessary if you're planning on buying a different vehicle after the sale of your car.

Proof of Ownership

This can be one of a few different documents, but it just shows that you own the vehicle and have a right to sell it. This can be the vehicle's title––either Pennsylvania or out of state, the certificate of salvage, manufacturer statement, statement of origin, or a court order form. Again, this just allows us to be sure that we're only buying cars from the actual owners, and it offers us and you some protection.

Vehicle's Title

Most of you will use this as your proof of ownership which makes the process really easy. But this allows us to transfer the vehicle over to us as owners. If you don't have the title because you have a lien on it, then you'll need to get a payoff statement from your lienholder and a form that we can fill out so that the title gets sent to us once it is paid for. This acts as a protection for both of us so that everyone is getting what they are promised in the sale. It also allows us to make sure we are being fair in the purchase price.

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Trying to Trade-in?

We aren't going to push you into trading in your vehicle if you don't want to, but we will support you if you do want to trade it in. Our trade-in program allows you to apply your car's value towards the purchase of a new car. There are a lot of benefits to utilizing the trade-in process, but the biggest one is that it simplifies the selling to buying process quite a bit. Basically, you use your current vehicle as a down payment on a new one, and we don't have to go through both selling and buying separately.

If you know you want to trade in but you're not sure what vehicle you're interested in, Performance Toyota has an excellent selection. We carry all of Toyota's new vehicles and have a huge selection of used vehicles of all sorts of makes and models. We would love to help get you into whatever vehicle you're interested in, and we have just the selection to make that happen. If you know exactly what you want to trade your current car in for, then Performance Toyota will do our best to find exactly what you want for you. We're happy to help you into your next vehicle after you trade in with us, and we won't leave you stranded.

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