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2023 Toyota Venza Specs, Performance and Design Overview

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  • Overview

    A white 2023 Toyota Venza XLE is angled left.

    With the immense popularity of the crossover and compact SUV, there's no shortage of competition among the different manufacturers in a perpetual contest to outdo one another. Because of the accessibility of the vehicle and the expansion of the demographic as far as customers are concerned, it takes something special to grasp the attention of millions and be the best. And it's this same attribute that Toyota has continued to exemplify since its formative years. In an age where competition is at its strongest, the brand that comes to us by way of Japan continues to break the mold and defy expectations.

    Returning to the fold after a multiple-year absence for the 2021 model year, the Toyota Venza is the pinnacle of what consumers are looking for in an SUV. Equipped with a variety of features, a fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain, and the unique style and aesthetic that caters to our love of presentation and impressions, the 2023 Toyota Venza is something that you'll want to get behind the wheel of and experience first-hand. Today, we're going to take a closer look at what's bound to be one of the best midsize SUVs on the market.


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  • Performance

    A red 2023 Toyota Venza Nightshade Edition is shown parked on a driveway.

    In this day and age, it's not enough to have a formidable powertrain that can handle both the elements and the commute but one that's adept at conservative fuel consumption. And, much to the delight of those who are looking for a vehicle that possesses this trifecta of attributes, the Venza encompasses them and delivers them in one convenient package. While some vehicles restrict their hybrid powertrains as a special feature or trim, the Venza is an exclusively hybrid-electric vehicle. Just as they did during the energy crisis years ago, Toyota comes to the aid of consumers looking for fuel economy in a world where gas prices are unpredictable.

    The Standard 2.5L Hybrid Engine

    The standard powertrain for the Venza consists of a 2.5L four-cylinder engine and three electric motors, one of which exclusively delivers power to the rear wheels. This setup propels the Venza forward with 219 hp, and unlike some of its competitors, Toyota's crossover comes standard with AWD. This means drivers have the ability to tackle the elements and the terrain that awaits them when traveling off the beaten path. And while AWD is sometimes associated with the hindrance of fuel economy, the capable powertrain proves to be one of the most conservative when it comes to fuel consumption.

    Fuel Economy

    According to testing performed by the EPA, the 2023 Venza possesses a combined MPG of 39; this consists of gaining 40 MPG while traveling in the city limits and 37 MPG when embarking on the highway. This not only allows consumers the benefit of saving upwards of $2,750 over a period of five years but also means that the vehicle is more than perfect for the family-oriented driver who makes their home in the city or the suburbs. In an age where practicality is an absolute necessity for the average consumer, Toyota once again delivers more of what the people need and have been asking for.

  • Interior

    The black leather seats are shown in a 2023 Toyota Venza.

    With its impressive features as far as fuel economy is concerned, there's no denying that practicality is the guiding principle behind the design of the 2023 Toyota Venza. And this extends far beyond the powertrain and to the other aspects of the vehicle as well. With so many drivers with a preference for style, it's only natural that Toyota would deliver on this front, both in the exterior and interior. Far removed from the days of being box-shaped and less than aerodynamic, the Venza has the appeal of a curvaceous coupe that's smooth as silk. Sitting on a set of 19-inch alloy wheels and brandishing an eye-catching front end, the Venza certainly knows how to make a memorable first impression.

    A Refined Interior Design

    And speaking of memorable first impressions, the interior of the Venza is enough to take your breath away from the moment you get behind the wheel. The premise of being posh and practical is front and center, especially when it comes to the design and placement of the infotainment screen, which anchors the vehicle and expresses its practicality. An available screen that stretches out past an entire foot is perched atop the dashboard (an 8-inch screen is standard on the base trim) and provides access to a variety of features that enhance both the driving experience and its entertainment offerings.

    Available Navigation and Connectivity

    Available Cloud navigation means going over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house will be easier than ever, and compatibility with Apple and Android devices means you'll have access to all of the apps and entertainment that you enjoy on a daily basis. The proximity of the infotainment screen, steering wheel, and gear shifter is not only made with accessibility in mind for a user-friendly experience but also one that's aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

    Cargo Room

    Of course, the interior also has the practical attributes that many consumers look for in an SUV as well. Comfortable seating and storage space that consists of over 55 available cu.ft. of room ensures that you'll have room for passengers, and all of the items that necessitate a lengthy road trip are also included. With the ideal balance of comfort, convenience, and style, the Venza has no difficulty delivering the goods on all fronts.

  • Safety

    Illuminated taillights are shown on a grey 2023 Toyota Venza Limited Hybrid.

    There's something to be said about a manufacturer who continually goes above and beyond what's expected to ensure that their drivers stay safe on the road and don't have to be burdened with a heavy price to be so. This is the thought process behind the abundance of safety and driving assistance features that Toyota equips its entire fleet with, and the 2023 Venza is no exception to this practice.

    But the accolades concerning safety begin with the government-mandated testing conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This objective testing determines how safe vehicles are in the event of a collision. As another example of Toyota's unwavering commitment to quality assurance, the 2023 Venza was rewarded with a highly-coveted five-star safety rating.

    The Toyota Safety Sense Suite

    Aside from the results that speak to the level of care that goes into each vehicle that Toyota designs, the amount of standard safety and driving assistance features via the Toyota Safety Sense suite that are included across all trim levels speaks to the level of accessibility that the brand practices. To ensure a suitable reaction time in the event of a potential collision, the Venza is equipped with a Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection. These tools are essential in not only keeping us safe during our travels but ensuring the safety and protection of the other drivers and pedestrians we share the road with.

    Lane Assist Features

    When it comes to the lengthy travels that we undertake, Toyota has gone above and beyond expectations to provide a plethora of features that are geared toward these particular activities. Lane Tracing Assist allows additional oversight when visibility is limited. When used in conjunction with Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, you can rest assured knowing that you have some additional oversight to ensure you're staying in your lane.

    Full-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

    Perhaps the most impressive feature that's standard across all trim levels is the Full-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. One of the biggest advancements to occur in recent years, this feature takes the premise of cruise control and single handedly brings it into the modern age. By monitoring the driving patterns of the other vehicles we share the road with, a safe distance is maintained by adjusting the speeds we're traveling. This is one of the most beneficial attributes of the Venza, as it ensures a distance that guarantees effective reaction time.

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